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We need
your help not to give up on our dreams


1/3 students do not
have a digital gadget
to support their studies

Students, in the 21st Century need a digital device not only to complete their studies, also to access information, sharpen their digital skills, and so on. We do not want any student to be left behind from education or denied access to digital world for want of a device. We want to solve this problem by bridging this need gap. 

DDB is an initiative of students of Loyola college aims to include these excluded students and bring them back to continue learning. DDB will provide a Digital Device (Laptops / Tablets with keyboards, etc) to needy students for a rent and help them to resume learning. The rent can be in the form of a fee or in the form of a high score in the exams.


How can you support ?

Donate money
to buy new devices 


Donate your 
old device


You can help

us get closer

to our dreams

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